“With the NISSIN free form bending machine, it is possible to bend different radii of pipes in three dimensions without changing tools. A unique machine.”

Henk Welleweerd, CNC bending machine operator
Droste bejah

The bending machines

DROSTE BEJAH does not only work with the Nissin 3D bending bench. For even more 3D possibilities in the field of tube bending, she works with bending benches from Pedrazzolli and BLM. These banks are, for example, equipped with a booster for 3D roller simulation. DROSTE BEJAH likes to think along with the customer in advance, in order to achieve the best result at the best cost.

Wondering why pipe bending is better than straight welded joints? You can read all about it on the Wiki page.


Possible smallest radii Nissin
ø 13 > CLR 39
ø 16 > CLR 48
ø 19 > CLR 57
ø 22 > CLR 66
ø 25 > CLR 75

Nissin free form tube bending