Droste bejah

Specialist in metalworking

DROSTE BEJAH offers unprecedented possibilities in the field of tube bending and plays a leading role for OEM-related customers as a part supplier in the Netherlands and abroad. The metalworking company is also a specialist in welding, lasering and punching.

The aim is to continuously adapt to the increasingly demanding requirements of the market. The emphasis is increasingly shifting to an efficient price-quality level, absolute delivery reliability, flexibility and a focus on solutions.

Droste bejah

The specialists

DROSTE BEJAH has a machine park according to the latest technology. DROSTE BEJAH wants to excel in the field of tube bending and welding compositions. The latest tube bending techniques and robotised welding machines are therefore not unknown territory for the company. The company has many advanced machines in the field of other metalworking.

“Our goal is to be the optimal partner when it comes to quality products, competitive delivery times and competitive prices.”

Eddy droste, General Manager

The DROSTE BEJAH team is ready for everyone

From left to right: Jeffrey Neijmeijer, Geertjan van Winkoop, Boukje van der Klei, Gertjan Vruwink, Tjeerd Fontein, Eddy Droste, Edwin Meijer, Rudie Colleije, Albert Overweg, Leonie Leusink, Rick van Winkoop en Doetsje Horstra.


What are we doing?

DROSTE BEJAH continuously innovates and improves. This allows its customers to rely on top quality every day in a market with increasingly stringent requirements. DROSTE BEJAH delivers absolute delivery reliability, regardless of smaller and larger orders. The company is flexible and can therefore respond to specific wishes and requirements. Her advanced machine park ensures that customization can be realized for smaller and larger series.

Bending tube and the rest …

DROSTE BEJAH excels in the field of tube bending, in which she is familiar with the latest techniques in this area, or even develops her own new techniques. Thanks to a state of the art machine park in the field of metalworking, it is the ideal partner when it comes to quality products, competitive delivery times and competitive prices.


DROSTE BEJAH works with its own engineers so that it can realize the process from start to finish as efficiently as possible. Whether bending, punching, welding or assembling, DROSTE BEJAH has years of experience and helps the customer further. In consultation with the client, the company develops and manufactures the tools required for the production processes.

Tool shop

The engineer department consists of a prototype and development department or also called ‘tool shop’. This in-house tool shop is flexible and can therefore respond quickly to the wishes of its customers. With high expertise she engineers all necessary tools for a reliable production process. From welding jig to bending roll, from jig to process units. DROSTE BEJAH thinks ahead with this and proactively, so that the process production runs optimally and the customer benefits from a favorable price-quality ratio.