Droste bejah

Machine list CNC bending machines

BLM E-Turn 32 with Fanuc pick & place robot
BLM E-Turn 40 with Fanuc pick & place robot
BLM E-Turn 52
BLM Dynam-0 with Panasonic pick & place robot
BLM double T-Bend

Pedrazzoli BM30 with Fanuc pick & place robot
Pedrazolli MRV-42

Nissin free form 3D bending machine

“From design to finished product, experts guide the process, so that the customer can rely on an excellent product.”

Albert Overweg, Manager Engineers

Tube Bending department DROSTE BEJAH


The technological development of bending pipes and profiles has taken off in recent years. Technological improvement of bending machines, bending tools and materials has ensured that the bending process has become increasingly profitable. In the past, it was very difficult to bend pipe with a radius of less than 2D (twice the diameter of the pipe), which is why many companies opted for a welding composition instead … read more >>