Droste bejah

Finishing of metal

Together we find the finishing touch

Working together and doing what you are good at is what DROSTE BEJAH stands for. She has specialized in metalworking and has found the right partners for a number of finishing processes in order to guarantee the best price / quality ratio.

PVC casing of pipe

DROSTE BEJAH provides in-house by means of the so-called “schlauchen” that, among other things, electrical products have the correct safety insulation. The PVC jacket also gives an extra touch to the end product (soft grip).

KTL (electrostatic dip coating)

KTL is short for Kathodische Tauchlackierung. KTL is an electrostatic painting process in which the part to be painted is immersed in a liquid bath. The layer thickness of the lacquer layer becomes 15-20 μm thick. After the electrostatic application of the paint

these were dried in an oven at 180-200 ° C and cured. The KTL process, in combination with the zinc phosphating, offers high corrosion protection. Thanks to the very dense, even and thin coating, the KTL process is the ideal first primer (primer) for a powder coating.

Powder coating

An advanced powder coating line directly in the vicinity of DROSTE BEJAH ensures a finish in any color. Just like galvanizing, this finish guarantees a perfect optical finish and a high corrosion resistance.

Chrome plating and galvanizing

DROSTE has galvanized BEJAH until the year 2000. In the meantime, it has found a very good chrome partner in the region, which can meet the company’s high quality requirements. A modern fully automatic galvano installation provides nickel, chrome, pearl or titan finishing to the highest applicable standards.