Droste bejah


DROSTE BEJAH strives constantly to adapt to the increasingly demanding requirements of the market. The customer is placing more and more emphasis on an efficient price-quality level, absolute delivery reliability and flexible response to special wishes and requirements. A machine park, which is adapted to the latest technology, is indispensable in this.

DROSTE BEJAH wants to distinguish itself in the field of tube bending. The latest tube bending techniques are therefore not unknown to the manufacturer. The company also has advanced machines in the field of other metalworking. The aim is to be the optimal partner when it comes to quality products, competitive delivery times and competitive prices.

Our team is at your service


Eddy Droste

Managing Director

“I have been the proud owner of this beautiful innovative company since 2001. In addition to our commitment to the most modern CNC techniques for machines, the knowledge of our employees is decisive for our success.”

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Gertjan Vruwink

Commercial Manager

“As a commercial manager, I will serve your wishes and questions in the best possible way together with my sales team.”

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Leonie Leusink

Inside Sales Representative

“I have been working for this beautiful innovative company since 2008. The challenge of serving our customers every day as well as possible and on time makes my job so much fun.”

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Rudie Colleije

Inside Sales Representative

“Once entered service as a linchpin. However, the work has expanded to such an extent that sales has become my priority under the motto: De klant staat centraal. Der Kunde hat immer recht. The customer is always right!”

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Albert Overweg

Manager Engineering

“I really love technology. I like to take up the challenge every day to search for the best solutions together with our customers.”

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Tjeerd Fontein

Production Manager

“Flexibility, productivity and quality are the core values ​​of DROSTE BEJAH. It is a challenge for me to get a little better at this every day. As a production team we are building on a beautiful company and a bright future!”

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Mariëlle Edelijn

Quality Coordinator

“Quality is of paramount importance at DROSTE BEJAH. In 2017 I started here in the assembly department. There you are actually the final check on quality. Now I can look at the whole process. I think it is a great challenge to work with my colleagues to ensure that quality is guaranteed at all times and to continuously improve it according to the customer’s needs.”

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Rick van Winkoop

Supply Chain Manager

“Taking care of production planning and material flows, so that our customer can have the right product delivered at the right time.”

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Boukje van der Klei

Purchase Assistant

“I have been working for this beautiful and growing company since 1990. Purchasing efficiently as possible and always try to achieve a win-win situation. That’s my challenge! ”

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Edwin Meijer


“Thorough work preparation is the key word for the professional handling of orders. With our extensive simulation program, we are looking for the most ideal opportunity to bend your product.”

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Geertjan van Winkoop


“As an engineer at Droste Bejah, I invent and design the tools to be able to make products. Think of special bending tools, punches and welding jigs. In addition, programming our tube laser is also one of my activities.”

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